The SNAP EDITOR lets you create custom commands and load them onto the train. When you open the SNAP EDITOR home screen, you will see two sections: 

  • Straights & Curves
    • This section shows 4 color sequences based on magenta color. You will be able to assign a custom command to each of the sequences and use these commands anywhere along the straight and curved track sections.
  • Splits
    • This section allow to create a custom sequence of steering decisions and associate them with the magenta snap placed on split tracks.

If your train is connected to the app, the custom commands stored on the train get loaded into the EDITOR. So, if a color sequence has a command already associated with it, you will see a brief description of the stored command underneath the associated sequence button. Otherwise, the status will be shown as "empty." You can erase any of the stored commands from your train's memory using the DELETE button to the right of the desired color sequence button. Or you can just overwrite the stored command with a new one anytime you need to. 

To create a new command, simply press on one of the 4 color sequences of your choice. This will load the Editor screen:

At the bottom of the Editor screen, there are 5 categories containing one or more commands.

To explore the available commands, you can select one of the categories. For example, press on the STEERING & MOVEMENT category button and you will see 4 commands show up on the screen (STRAIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, REVERSE). You can select any of them based on your preference. Let's select REVERSE for this example. 

If this is the command you would like to associate with the custom color sequence (in this case, WHITE | MAGENTA | BLUE), simply press the UPLOAD button in the upper right. The command will transfer instantly to the train and the app will notify you that the upload was successful. Note that if the UPLOAD button looks gray instead of magenta, it means you're not connected to your train.

Some of the custom commands such as SPEED and PAUSE are configurable. You'll be able to select a custom value from an available range. Just press on the SPEED command box and you will see a configuration screen as shown below:

You can use the slider to select the desired speed value and then press the SET button. Then you can upload this customized command to the train using the UPLOAD button just as explained above.

Now let's explore the custom steering logic feature of the EDITOR.

When you press the color sequence button in the Splits section, the app will open the custom steering order configuration screen. By pressing the '+' button, you can add ip to 10 decisions to the list. Each decision can be either to go strain or to make a turn. As shown on the example screenshot above, you can set the decision sequence to be TURN - STRAIGHT - STRAIGHT. If you load this list to the train, the train will make a TURN the first time it goes over a split with a magenta snap. The next two times it sees the magenta snap on a split track, it will go STRAIGHT. The 4th time, it will restart the decision sequence all over from the start (and make a TURN in this example). As long as the train does not stop driving, it will loop over the decision list indefinitely. If you stop it and start driving again, the train will start executing the decision sequence from its start.

Note that all of the custom commands and the steering decision list are stored on the train persistently. This means that your train will remember them just like the default commands if you disconnect the app or even if you turn off the train and play with it again a week later.

Custom commands not only allow you to gain greater control of the train, they also offer a new dimension of play and learning with multiple trains. For example, you can make two trains run different routes on the same track and perform different coordinated actions. A custom command loaded into one train can mean something completely different or nothing at all to another train. The possibilities are truly endless!

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