Connecting intelino Train to Scratch

1. Power On your intelino train.

2. Open the intelino Scratch editor in your web browser:

or launch intelino Scratch app on your iPad.

3. Open  Scratch Extensions menu by clicking on the blue button in the lower left corner of the editor.

4. Select any of the 3 intelino extensions in the menu.

5. Connect your train to intelino Scratch web app via Web Bluetooth 'Pair' pop-up:

Web Bluetooth pop-up

On the iPad app, use the connect pop-up:

iPad app pop-up

When connected successfully, you will see the "Connected" confirmation:

Note that you can connect up to 3 intelino smart trains for interactive programming. To connect the additional trains, follow the previous steps and select the additional intelino extensions in Step 4.

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