Updating Train's Firmware

When there is a new firmware update available, you will be notified after you launch the intelino app and connect to your train.

You can initiate the update process by pressing the UPDATE button. If you dismiss this alert, the app will periodically remind you to update. And you can always go to the Settings screen to initiate the update from there.

Upon pressing the UPDATE button, the app will display the release notes to inform you about the improvements and features you are about to install on your train. After reviewing the notes, proceed by pressing UPDATE one more time.

The update process takes just a few minutes (typically less than 5 minutes). This depends on your device's hardware, the operating systems, etc. The app will be continuously informing you of the update progress. The majority of the update time is spent on the 'downloading firmware' screen:

During the download, the new firmware is transferred from your device to the train via Bluetooth. Also, note that the train's lights will be glowing in CYAN color during the download. In order not to disrupt this process, set your device close to the train and do not switch away from the intelino app to another app or turn off your device. Just wait for the download to finish. If you accidentally disrupt the download, the app will show a 'download failed' screen. You will be able to restart the update process again from the Settings screen. Just make sure to first restart you train and reconnect it to the app.

Upon completing the firmware download, the installation step will automatically follow (it takes about 15 seconds). After the installation in completed, the train will shut off and the app will display a screen asking you to verify the update:

Before you press the VERIFY button, first turn on the train. Then after you press VERIFY, the app will reconnect to the train and confirm that the update was successful by displaying the Success screen.

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