Connecting to the Train

The intelino smart train uses Bluetooth Smart (BLE) technology to wirelessly communicate with smart phone and tablet devices. While there are some additional requirements, most of the devices with BLE 4.0 or newer will be able to run the intelino Play app and connect to the train.

LOCATION SERVICES: When you launch the intelino Play app the first time after downloading it from the App Store or Google Play, you will have to grant the app permissions to use Bluetooth and Location services. These are standard system requirements for connection to Bluetooth devices recently implemented on both iOS and Android and they are not used for tracking any private information. Without these permissions, your phone or tablet will not be able to detect and communicate with the smart train.

iOS Alert

Android Alert

To connect to a train, make sure it is turned on and is within a close proximity to your phone or tablet. Typically, the bluetooth wireless range extends to about 30 feet (10 m), but it is advisable to be within a closer proximity between the train and your smart device when initiating a connection. Next, either press the CONNECT button in the top navigation menu or just press the DRIVE button on the HOME screen.

The app will enter the SCAN mode:

After a few seconds of scanning, the app will load TRAINS FOUND screen upon detecting one or more intelino trains in the vicinity. To connect to a train, now simply press on the engine icon in the middle of the screen.

After a brief moment the train will connect to the app and make distinct 'Connection Success' sound while blinking its top LED in cyan and magenta colors 4 times.

In case the app's scan fails to detect trains, the app will load NO TRAINS FOUND screen. If you notice that your train is actually turned off or is a bit far away, you can press the yellow SCAN button in the bottom right to scan for trains another time. And if you press the SKIP or X buttons, the app will proceed to the DRIVE screen without connecting you to the train.

TIP: If your train is powered on but is still not detectable by the app's scan, you may want to try powering the train down and then on again. These sort of issues may occur due to cache clearing delays, especially in iOS. If restarting of the train does not help, make sure Bluetooth on your phone or table is ON. Also, on iOS, double check that the intelino app was granted access to Bluetooth by going to your device's Settings. On Android, go to Settings, type location in the search bar and select Location. Then select App-level permissions and check that the location permissions are ON for the intelino app.

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