AUTOPILOT Drive Screen

AUTOPILOT is the default drive mode for the smart train. In this self-driving mode, action snaps are active and the train will continue responding to them just as if you're playing screen-free. The AUTOPILOT screen allows you to take a momentary control of the train whenever you need to. Otherwise, the train will continue navigating the track and reading action snap commands.

Use the DRIVE MODE SWITCH to switch between the AUTOPILOT and MANUAL drive modes.

DASHBOARD: The dashboard in the center of the Drive screen normally displays the speedometer which shows the actual real-time speed of the train. The speed sensor inside of the smart engine continuously sends the speed data to the app via Bluetooth. The train outputs the speed in either imperial (in/s) or metric (cm/s) units. The app will pick the units based on your phone's / tablet's default settings. But you can also change the units manually on the Train Settings screen.

The dashboard also displays brief event notifications whenever the train reads action snap commands or certain other actions are performed.

ODOMETER: The status icons on the upper right of the screen include the train odometer. It shows the lifetime distance travelled by the train. The smart train tracks the distance data even when you play offline, and you can always see the actual odometer value whenever you connect to the app.

SPEED BUTTONS: The 3 speed buttons on the right side of the screen let you manually override the train's speed to SLOW, MEDIUM and FAST. These speeds correspond to the green action snap commands. Just select a button to set the desired speed.

FORWARD / REVERSE SWITCH controls the train's movement direction.

STEERING OVERRIDE BUTTONS: Nominally, the train will either decide where to steer based on a random choice or you can control the steering decision using the action snaps. The STEERING OVERRIDE buttons allow you to select your preferred steering direction (LEFT, STRAIGHT, RIGHT) at the next junction. When the override is active, the train will ignore the action snap command on the track and will follow your choice.

To override steering, just select your desired choice anytime before the train gets to a junction. The selected button will stay highlighted in orange color until the train gets to the junction. After the train navigates the junction according to your choice, the button will stop glowing and the default self-driving behavior will resume.

The WAGON COUPLER button lets you drop off the attached wagon on demand. Note that the wagon needs to be attached to the engine with the black arrow on its roof pointing towards the engine. See more details here.

The HEAD / TAIL LIGHT COLOR PICKER lets you change the LED colors. The top row of color buttons controls the headlights and bottom row the taillights. Make your selections and press the SET button to change the light colors.

The THEME SELECTOR lets you choose between the CITY EXPRESS and POLICE TRANSPORTER theme packs. Each theme contains 3 sound effects.

Depending on the theme selected, the 3 SOUND BUTTONS let you play different sounds on the train like horns, whistles, alarms, etc.

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