Building a Track

The intelino track system uses an original "easy-click" joint design. The track pieces easily snap together and stay interlocked and flat even when playing on soft carpeted surfacers. To connect the tracks, you can either A) slide the track ends together side to side, or B) push down one track end into the other. We find option A to be more easy and natural but you're OK to use either approach.

Designing new track layouts is always a fun prelude to playing with trains. The starter set includes 20 pieces of tracks which offers quite a lot of creative possibilities. Here are examples of 10 tracks layouts you can build:

You can create even larger and more complex layouts with the Track Extension Pack which doubles the number of tracks you get in the starter set. And you can combine the intelino tracks with most of the traditional wooden track systems using our Woden Track Adapters.

Want to see some interesting track designs and get inspired? Follow us on Instagram and share some of your best creations. We'd love to feature them on one of our #TrainTrackTuesday posts!

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