Drop Off Wagon Commands

The engine's smart wagon coupler in its rear can be controlled using the yellow action color. You can use this control to drop off the wagons when you deliver them to a certain location on the track. If you place one yellow snap after a white one, the engine will drop off the wagon while moving over this command.

There are two special variants of this drop off command. If you place a red snap after the yellow, forming a white | yellow | red sequence, the train will make a brief stop, drop off the wagon and then resume driving.

The  white | yellow | blue sequence performs a reverse drop maneuver. Get the train to move backwards towards this command. The moment the engine reads it, it will drop off the wagon and pull away in the forward direction.

ATTENTION: In order for the wagon drop off to work properly, make sure the arrow on the top of the wagon is pointing towards the engine when attaching them together. This is important due to wagon's magnet polarity which is different on its front and rear.

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