Custom Commands

While the default action snap commands work right out of the box and offer quite a bit of control over the smart train, you can do even more using custom commands. We reserved the magenta action color for custom commands which you can configure using the Snap Editor in our intelino smart train app. Custom commands can be used to get the train to make a sound, change its headlight and taillight colors, control steering decisions, precisely set the train's speed and stopping time, and more.

The 4 custom command sequences based on magenta color will work in addition to the default commands. They can be used on straight and curved tracks. You can pick command options from 5 categories (direction control, speed, stopping, lights and sounds) and configure them based on your preferences. After you create a command in the Snap Editor and load it via Bluetooth into the smart engine with a push of a button, the engine will remember your custom command even if you turn off the app. This way you can use your custom commands screen-free along with the default ones. And when you are ready to do something new, you can delete and reconfigure your custom commands at any time using the app.

In addition to the 4 custom commands, you can also create a custom steering decision logic using the magenta snap on the split tracks. The Snap Editor lets you create a sequence of up to 10 steering decisions based on straight or turn choices. After you load your decision sequence on to the train, every time it runs over a split with a magenta snap, it will execute the next decision in your sequence list. And after the train completes the sequence, it will continue looping over it starting from the 1st decision in your sequence. If you stop the train and start it again, the sequence will reset and it will start over from the 1st decision in the list.

Just like the other custom commands, this decision list will be store persistently on the train and it will continue executing it even if you turn off the app or restart the train.

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